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Why Renovate? Our Analyze, Audit, and Edit Process

September 21, 20226 min read

If you’ve been here a bit, you probably already know we heavily advocate renovating your funnel instead of rebuilding it.

If you’re new here…HEYYY!! We’re Kylee and Sami and we believe wholeheartedly that you should be renovating your sales funnels to increase conversions rather than tearing them down and starting over. 

Now, you may be asking, ‘why are you so obsessed with remodeling those funnels that aren’t entirely crushing it?’.

Story time.

Before we became The Funnel Flippers, we were launch strategists and full-out funnel builders. We created entire offer suites and managed every square inch of launches from the social strategy, to the sales page copy and design, right down to times and dates that would fit our client’s goals.

And while we still bring those same thought processes, skills, and experience into what we currently do, we caught on to a cycle that a lot of business owners were stuck in…

Rebuilding it all, every. single. launch.

This was happening regardless of results, whether it was a knockout launch or a slow trickle of sales, 95% of the people we worked with were doing it. A lot of them at the advice of their highly paid coaches. 

You might be thinking, “well yeah, that’s just how it is” or “yep, been there done that.”

In our heads, this was basically like renovating your entire house for every holiday.

We’re talkin’, instead of hanging up decorations, tearing down walls, and restructuring your floorplan so your Christmas tree fits better. Uh… who has the time, money, or patience for that nonsense? No one, right?

So why do so many business owners need a brand new sales funnel (sales page copy, sales page design, sales emails, nurture sequences- the whole shebang) every single time they launch the same program?!

Well… they don’t.

Here’s the quick and dirty truth, it’s very rare that an entire funnel needs scrapped and started from the bottom. Actually, it’s very rare for any piece of a funnel to be completely renovated. 

If you’re starting from ground zero every time you’re launching a product… you’re wasting so much precious time, energy, and money.

After seeing this happen 39 too many times, we started looking for a way we could make these funnels better every time, without weeks of going back and forth with copywriters, designers, social media strategists, automation specialists etc. etc. Otherwise, without spending half of the quarter prepping for another course launch.

I mean, there has to be a better way to increase conversions and sell more of your product(s) without starting over from scratch, right? Right?!


Insert our Analyze, Audit, and Edit process.

3 steps are all it takes to continue to improve your funnel, whether it’s already doing well or it’s on life support. And… it works for every single type of funnel.

Using this exact process, we've been able to increase conversion rates as much as 51%.

Phase 1: Analyze

This is arguably the most important step of the entire process. 

In this phase, we’re breaking down your ideal client avatar, and the data you’ve gathered from your funnel so far. What are your students and leads telling you about your funnel and their experience? Is the data you’ve gathered telling you something different or correlating with their feedback? What is all of this information telling you about your funnel performance and how it can improve?

Alright, Kylee and Sami, you keep mentioning data and what the students are saying- what the heck are you talking about and how do we figure that out? 

We look at all the analytics behind the scenes of a funnel before making any changes. We’re talkin’ email open rates, best performing subject lines, unique landing page/ sales page views, heatmap results (if you have one) and the number of people actually opting in or purchasing your product. 

As far as your students go, we literally ask them. Whether it’s in interviews, emails, or surveys throughout the funnel, we are gaining feedback directly from your students to optimize your funnel so it grabs the attention of more people like them.

In every Funnel Flip VIP Session, this is our first “official” step before the clock ever even starts ticking on our FLIP day. We take the time to gather the analytics and feedback you have available and take it a step further by doing our own competitor research, interviewing your clients, analyzing your funnel from your traffic sources all the way to your thank you pages, and collating it all together so we can truly understand the mechanics of what’s working and what’s not.

Phase 2: Audit

All that data we just gathered is the foundation for the auditing phase. It’s pretty easy to go through a funnel and decide “this is a great headline” or “that offer bonus isn’t very strong” but when renovating a funnel it’s important to remain objective versus subjective. We want the data to back up why changes should be made. 

Instead, we take the data we’ve found and are able to say “this headline isn’t speaking in the language your audience speaks about their problem” and “this bonus would be better suited if it addressed this objection to enrolling”  which gives us (and you) a clear direction of exactly HOW to improve it based on research customized to YOU, not just that it could be better. 

In our Funnel Flip VIP Sessions, this is where we develop our checklist of changes to be made to your funnel in the next phase. Prior to the day of the FLIP, we comb through each funnel page looking at the offer, bonuses, sales email content, subject lines, sales page copy and design, and even automations to ensure a seamless and dialed-in user experience.

Phase 3: Edit

All that hard work finally comes to fruition in the edit phase when those changes are actually put to paper (or screen in this case.) By this point the research is complete, we’ve analyzed and audited from top to bottom and now changes are happening. Page by page, line by line, your funnel is strategically updated in a way that increases conversions with little to no effort on your end.

In our Funnel Flip VIP Sessions, we’ll work through our proposed updates keeping you in the loop at all times. You’ll be able to review and request edits on every offer, copy, automation, and design update before anything goes live. In the end, you’ll receive a training video on exactly how your new funnel functions that you’ll be able to share with your team so you cut down on training time and ensure everyone is on the same page. We also have a habit of explaining why we’ve made the changes we did so as a bonus you’re entire team will get a peek into our funnel flipping brains and take that knowledge with them for future builds and launches.

So… sounds a lot faster than a typical funnel build right?

That’s on purpose too! We’ve designed our process to be not only hella effective but also efficient. Think about it… when you spend weeks and sometimes months building out a funnel, sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the person you’re building it for. By condensing a funnel remodel into a few days, that ICA and their needs are still top of mind so everything within that new funnel is suddenly screaming to your ideal client’s soul.

If you’re thinking your sales funnel might need a remodel, we’d love to talk! Just pick a date right here, we promise we’ll come prepared with a few tips to improve your funnel. 

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The Funnel Flippers

The Funnel Flippers specialize in renovating and building sales funnels but they don't stop after the build. They help business owners dial in those funnels so they can make more money, and create a raving fan base that's easier than ever to scale.

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