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Lazy Girl (Or Guy) Automations Workshop

Step-by-Step tutorials and use cases for the 5 automations every entrepreneur needs to save time, money, and energy.

Hacking High Level Mini Membership

Automation tutorials, troubleshooting support, plus insider tips and tricks to uplevel your High Level account.


Evergreen Funnel Edition

The Funnel Flaw Finder is what we use in every audit to identify which areas of the sales funnel are losing the most potential customers and could use some edits. Plug in your funnel numbers, and voila! This intuitive calculator analyzes those numbers and provides you a checklist to begin optimizing your funnel. No more guesswork and no more wasted time. You'll be on your way to higher customer retention and conversions.


Stellar Sales Page Secrets: The Workshop


In this workshop, we spill all the secrets on how consistently create sales pages that convert well above benchmark levels (some as high as 52%!) We'll walk you through everything from the offer, to copy creation, and user experience design tips so you can convert more leads.

Hands-Free Launch Checklist


All the things we do when we're taking a live-launch funnel and transitioning to evergreen. (Yes, it's more complicated than just keeping the cart open all the time!) You'll have a checklist and tips of all the things to review so you can go evergreen successfully.

5 to Revive: 5 Quick Sales Page Updates


5 to Revive breaks down our top 5 tips for improving your sales page, right now. You'll get a breakdown of what changes make the most impact and real-life examples of how to use those changes inside your sales page. We promise that anyone can do these updates!


Monthly Funnel Report Template


Measuring your funnel health month-to-month made easy-as-pie. This template will help you quickly track how your funnels, emails, and lead funnels are performing. It's the perfect tool for when you're planning ahead and need to have your current performance readily available.

Questions to Ask for Epic Client Feedback


In this resource, you'll find questions we've used to get epic feedback from clients and their customers that we use to improve their funnels, create a better user experience, and overall learn more about how our ideal clients are interacting with our programs. .

At a Glance Launch Planner Template


Kylee keeps one of these on her desk at all times when she's designing or if we have a launch coming up. You'll have all your core information like important dates, color codes, fonts and more at your fingertips (without spending an hour searching your Drive.)

Blogs + Tutorials

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Transitioning Your Webinar From Live to Evergreen

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Transitioning Your Webinar From Live to Evergreen

Going evergreen with your prerecorded webinar can be a total game-changer. To make sure your evergreen webinar is a smashing success, let's talk about the four mistakes you need to avoid. ...more

Sales Funnel Tips

April 10, 20236 min read

Why Renovate? Our Analyze, Audit, and Edit Process

Why Renovate? Our Analyze, Audit, and Edit Process

Take a look into how we renovate struggling sales funnels into conversion machines. ...more

Sales Funnel Tips

September 21, 20226 min read

Are you Hitting and Quitting your Funnel?

Are you Hitting and Quitting your Funnel?

True funnel magic happens when you take the time to analyze and optimize your funnel after each launch, creating higher conversion rates and a better user experience. ...more

Sales Funnel Tips

September 19, 20225 min read


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